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The world is a Global Village. The distance between countries, cities, fields, industry and markets have reduced drastically over the years. India is at the center of all these developments being a thriving young economy. Opportunities are abundant to build careers and improve the quality of life.

Lotus International, has been set up by the parent institute, Lotus Business School, to bring to India all these lucrative opportunities from across the world. The focus of this endeavour is to give the Indian youth an array of unique career opportunities at a very affordable cost.

With a lineage of Bhaishree Group, a Rs.1000 crore Industrial group, to guide and back up all the undertakings at a International level, Lotus International sees itself making a definite mark in the years to come.

Lotus International has already set up programs with partnering Universities and institutes in France and Poland and very shortly will start programs in association with universities in Ireland, Canada, Australia, Belgium etc.

With the global industry on a upscale, India emerging strongly as a vibrant market, it is the perfect time for exploring various international opportunities that can elevate careers to different heights.

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LBS International brings some very unique carefully chosen pathway programs from around the world.

Affordable programs with Good Return on Investment

We have identified programs that are easy on the pocket yet give good career prospects.

Pre- cursor modules

Every Program has a Pre cursor module in India to acquaint the student with the Language and culture of the country they will be studying in. Also some of the required technical modules are also conducted in India to help the student gauge the overall industry expanse and career prospects.

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A very professional team guides the students through the entire process of admissions right up to placements. Our people help each and every student in making the right moves to have a great career with complete transparency in the process.


Logistics industry in India

The logistics industry in India is evolving rapidly and it is the interplay of infrastructure, technology and new types of service providers that will define whether the industry is able to help its customers reduce their logistics costs and provide effective services (which are also growing). Changing government policies on taxation and regulation of service providers are going to play an important role in this process. Coordination across various government agencies requires approval from multiple ministries and is a road block for multi modal transport in India. At the firm level, the logistics focus is moving towards reducing cycle times in order to add value to their customers. Consequently, better tools and strategies are being sought by firms in order to enhance their decision making.

In this course we provide a perspective on these issues, outline some of the key challenges, and describe some interesting initiatives that some firms & industries are taking to compete through excellence in managing their logistics.

International Opportunities

Effectively managing human capital is more vital than ever to businesses and organizations, and higher education will continue to play a critical role in training the next generation of transportation and logistics management (TLM) leaders.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects increases in TLM occupation employment growth and replacement needs, which are on the rise due to individuals in the field retiring, transitioning into new fields, or leaving the workforce.

Promising career opportunities await new TLM professionals within the decade. According to the labor bureau's estimates:

  • Transportation and materials handling careers are up 15 percent, and will create 1.3 million new positions.
  • Retail trade logistics employment is up 12 percent, and will create more than 1.8 million new jobs.
  • Transportation and warehousing is up by 20 percent, and will generate 853,000 new jobs.
  • Overall, high-level logistics management employment will increase by a modest projection of seven percent within the next seven years.

This growth creates a need for educational programs to help fill job openings with a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Among the insights gained are that automation will drive many new logistics jobs, and warehousing will require technology skills not often covered in new employee training.

Focus Areas

In addition to the importance of advanced education and leadership training, the following specialty areas represent top priorities for the logistics sector:

  • Environmental concerns : Hazardous materials regulations and public policy issues shape logistics and transportation operations.
  • Technological support : Tools such as RFID and track-and-trace capabilities are key to account and shipment management.
  • Quality control : Purchasing agents, and storage and distribution managers are in demand because of concerns about sourcing, domestic threats, and international terrorism.

At LBS, we often discuss the "perfect process" concept, which allows students to consider a three-dimensional view of logistics. Isn`t that the goal for all of us?

Leadership at all levels of the transportation and logistics profession will be critical as we hire and train new talent, communicate with upper management, and look to a future of fast growth in technology applications.

Training Partners

International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, Poland:

International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław was founded in 2001. The need for the establishment of this type of facility resulted primarily from the fact that in Poland there were no schools of higher education in the profession of logistics. Meanwhile, the labor market reported a huge demand for specialists in this field. By creating the International School of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw, adopted as the mission of education managers prepared for the management of modern logistics processes, ready to work in conditions of cooperation in an integrated Europe .

International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw is a private higher school, entered in the register of schools run by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the ordinal number "206".The university was established on the basis of the Law of 26 June 1997.

What makes IULT different?:

  • Accreditation CILT (UK) (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) - is one of the most important and prestigious awards in the field of science, which we can boast the only learning in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The university in 2003, was honored with the Award of the Prime Minister of France for the best in a European educational project selected among 92 projects submitted from all over the world.
  • According to the rating of Outlook 2016 it is the best university in Poland specialized in logistics
  • The results of the research staff of MWSLiT and researchers from other universities, four times a year are published in English-language journal "Logistics and Transport" , given by NR ISSN 1734-2015.

Université de Lorraine

Université de Lorraine promotes innovation through the dialogue of knowledge, taking advantage of the variety and strength of its scientific fields, and aiming at the promotion of knowledge transfer to irrigate innovation and economic growth as well as the progress of fundamental science.

Being the university of a whole region, Université de Lorraine is a major actor of its economic and social development, building on intercultural and intergeneration links, coordinating a regional research policy, and giving access to higher education to as many inhabitants as possible.

Université de Lorraine offers curricula in all fields of knowledge: sciences, health, technology, engineering sciences, human and social sciences, law, economy, management, arts, literature and language. A specific focus is given to crossovers between fields and skills, to help students develop their own pathway.

Course Structure

The masters program (MS) in Logistics Business Management, is conducted over 5 semesters (2.5 years) as 3-country program in India, Poland and France. The program structure is as follows:

Semester 1: (India)

  • Basics of Logistics Management
  • Basics of Marketing, Sales and Finance for Logistics Industry
  • Introduction to Polish Language and French Language
  • Project on Domestic Logistics

Semester 2: (IULT, Poland)

  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Concepts of management
  • Principles of engineering design
  • Production management
  • Transport management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • English In logistics
  • French In logistics
  • Evalution of systems performance

Semester 3: (IULT, Poland)

  • Quality management
  • Logistics management
  • Design of process and logistics systems
  • Computer systems In transport
  • English In logistics
  • French In logistics
  • Simulation of industrial and queuing systems
  • Logistics and industrial organization 1

Semester 4: (University of Lorraine, France)

  • Proseminar
  • Management of logistics project
  • Logistics controlling
  • Optimization of transport costs
  • Negotiations in business
  • Scheduling and applications
  • Simulation 1
  • Simulation 2
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Models and algorithms for logistics
  • Tools supporting decision taking

Semester 5: (University of Lorraine, France)

  • Proseminar
  • Logistics planning
  • Crisis management in a company
  • Strategic management
  • Quality of a production cycle
  • Internship in a company

Course Intakes

Twice a year in July and January

Admissions Procedure

Registration form

Student can Apply Online using the link https://edu.easebuzz.in/sign-up/LBS/register/ or student can visit our campus to collect and fill the application form.

Profile Review

On receipt of the application and documents, the admissions committee will evaluate the candidate and schedule his first round of telephonic / skype/ face to face interview.


Student then needs to send a softcopy of the following documents to the Head of Admissions (bhushand@lotuscentre.ac.in):

  • 10th Certificate
  • 12th Certificate
  • Graduation Degree Certificate
  • PG Certificates if any
  • Resume
  • Passport first and last page
  • Work experience certificates if any


If the candidate clears the first round, a second round of interview will be scheduled with the Foreign University Representative.


On clearance from the Foreign University Representative, Student will be given a fixed amount of time to register to the course by paying Registration Fees.


The course title, Duration and contents may change as per the Directives of the Foreign University. Student Visas will be processed as per the prevailing laws of visa issuing country. Lotus Business School or its employees do not guarantee / assure visa clearances and or Work Permit to any student as it is based on Laws and Policies of the Foreign Country which can change without any notice.

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